Principles of Environmentally Responsible Engineering Roundtable

Below you will find important logistical information, desired meeting outcomes, and preparatory materials for your participation in Principles of Environmentally Responsible Engineering – Creating a Roadmap for Change

Meeting and Logistics:

Date and Time
Wednesday, March 27, 1:30PM-5:30PM; dinner at 6:30PM
Thursday, March 28, 8:30AM-4:30PM

Roundtable Location & Check-in
Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel
Room 5 (located on the Meeting Room Level)

Check-in begins at 1:00PM on Wednesday outside of Room 5

Meals and Refreshments
On Wednesday, please be sure to eat lunch before the workshop. There are a few options inside the hotel, which you can view here. Coffee and tea will be provided during a mid-afternoon break, and an off-site dinner is planned at The Salt LineWe will organize ride shares for participants to travel from the hotel to dinner.

On Thursday, a continental breakfast, hot lunch, and late afternoon beverage break will be provided.

Desired Meeting Outcomes:

- A connected community with a desire to be a part of this work going forward

- An initial, high-level list of framework elements, inclusive of:

- An understanding of what engineers need to be able to do to be environmentally responsible

- A preliminary, high-level list of core competencies that engineering students therefore need to learn in order to be environmentally responsible in their impact on the world

- Experiences that will enable students to gain the needed knowledge

- A roadmap which includes:

- Specific recommendations for next steps for developing a framework that will be validated by stakeholders and be used to accelerate the integration of environmental responsibility in engineering education

- Suggestions for tactical ways to raise awareness of the project in the higher education engineering community, both within individual institutions and across multiple campuses, as well as among key stakeholders in industry and professional associations

- Recommendations for additional stakeholders to engage and ideas for raising their awareness and engagement

- Specific commitments and actions from participants to move forward from this meeting


Please review the following documents prior to the meeting:

- Meeting Agenda. We are grateful for your participation, please review the high-level meeting agenda.

- Pre-Meeting Interviews Summary. Please review the synthesis of participant responses to the preparatory interviews. We have used your insights to inform the content and format of the roundtable.

- Snapshot of Recommended Resources from Pre-Meeting Interviews. We have compiled the resources you recommended during the preparatory interviews. This could form the basis of a database or repository in the future.

- Participant DirectoryWe hope you enjoy getting to know your incredible fellow participants.

The following are provided as relevant, but optional preparatory resources:

Teaching Environmentally Responsible Inventing. This research and dozens of stakeholder conversations about the findings informed the genesis of this meeting.

- Whova App instructions. We are using the free app, Whova, for this event and the full OPEN 2019 conference. After you download the app, signup with your email address that you used to register for this event. If you're asked to enter an invitation code, please use open19. The app will enable you to connect with fellow participants before, during, and after the roundtable (look for the Group filter "Environmental Responsibility Roundtable" in the Attendees section, and the private Group chat for roundtable participants in the Messages section).