It's that time to submit your vote! Join us for this exciting opportunity and vote for your favorite Saving Lives at Birth Round 8 finalist for the 2018 DevelopmentXChange People's Choice Award. The innovation with the most votes will be announced during the Innovation Marketplace Reception on July 26. Please note you can only vote once and for one finalist.

  1. Center for Public Health and Development/Mediquip(Kenya): Creating a roadmap for sustainable expansion in deployment, distribution and demand creation for global health devices - a detailed business case for bubbleCPAP and a respiratory care product portfolio.
  2. Dimagi Inc (India): Scale-up proven performance improvement techniques to nutrition front-line workers in India to maximize their impact through innovative use of machine learning techniques.
  3. Health Information System Programme (HISP) Malawi - (Malawi): Scale-up of a proven digital community health system in Malawi through national management and ownership.
  4. INMED Partnerships for Children/INMED Andes - (Peru): Scaling a systems-integrated approach for diagnosis and treatment of neonatal jaundice.
  5. Kybele-Ghana(Ghana): Scale-up of an obstetric triage system to reduce delay and improve the quality of care in high-risk referral hospitals in Ghana.
  6. Malaria Research and Training Center, University of Science Techniques and Technologies of Bamako(Mali): Validating the safety and efficacy of the PfSPZ vaccine for pregnant women to prevent malaria.
  7. Ona Kenya Limited/World Health Organization(Kenya): A cuffless optical BP measurement integrated with antenatal decision-support and client tracking to improve health provider performance to detect hypertension and improve pregnancy outcomes.
  8. Summit Institute of Development (Indonesia): A patient-centered, precision care system that coordinates frontline health workers using mHealth tools.
  9. University of Malawi College of Medicine(Malawi): Design for manufacture and validation of disposable strips for low-cost, point-of-care bilirubin measurement to diagnose neonatal jaundice and monitor phototherapy in hospitals in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  10. University of Malawi College of Medicine(Malawi): Scale-up of a low-cost, robust, continuous temperature monitor to reduce neonatal death due to hypothermia in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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